Selecting a retirement plan doesn’t need to be complicated.

At vested in U, we want to support your growing business. We also recognize that, at some point, you and your employees might want to retire. A retirement savings plan is key to helping you save for the future. But...where do you begin? There is so much information available, but most sites only provide information on the plans they sell. Often, plan features and fees aren’t presented consistently, making it hard to identify and understand the differences. How do you easily compare retirement plans with others and select the one that is best for your small business?

That's where we come in

By bringing together a wide variety of retirement plans, VestedinU lets you easily compare features across multiple providers to find the retirement plan that meets your needs. You can also sort by features and fees to select a customized list of plans. After comparing the plans, you are just one click away from connecting with the provider(s) that offer the plan(s) best suited to your small business.

It's that simple.

What if I don't know anything about retirement plans?

Hey, we get it! This stuff can be confusing and intimidating. That’s why we created VestedinU - Learn More pages - to arm you with information and help you understand retirement plan options. We use easy-to-understand language, provide a comparison tool and create checklists, so you know what questions to ask the financial providers about their plans.

Is vested in U really free?

Yes! There is no cost to use the comparison tool. Our goal is to allow self-employed individuals, freelancers, and small business owners to learn about and compare retirement plans in a commitment-free environment. So, vested in U is completely free to use, but if you decide to purchase a plan, you will be responsible for the costs and fees associated with that plan. This agreement will be between you and the plan provider you select.

How was vested in U created?

A lot of people helped create vested in U. We worked with some of the best companies and non-profits to bring this site to you.

Led by the retirement experts at AARP, we collaborated with small business advocates, the Small Business Majority, financial services companies and others on this tool. We’re also working with a variety of plan providers - from newcomers to the big guys - to develop a range of retirement plans to choose from. The providers listed on vested in U do pay a fee to be on the site, which allows us to make it free to use. Our list of providers keeps growing, so check back often!

Find the right plan for your small business.

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